About Shannon

Shannon Poshe Anderson is no stranger to struggle. She speaks candidly about her journey of how she was successfully able to overcome many obstacles and challenges in her life while turning lemons into lemonade. Through faith, dedication, and resilience; Shannon has been able to use her story to uplift and transform the lives of others, while also helping them to share their stories through writing and publishing their own books to promote healing, self-confidence, and self-love.

Shannon has been featured in Yahoo Finance, Essence, FOX, and other media outlets. With tenacity, great wit, and southern charm, Shannon has been able to beat the odds and is determined to show others how they can beat the odds too.

Shannon is now the host of show entitled Story To Story  With Shannon.

 She also has a coaching/consulting company where she coaches authors on how to write and publish their books in 90 days. She is also the owner of P.O.P Publishing which is a publishing company that helps authors turn their manuscripts into masterpieces as well as the author of several books, including her newest release The Book Writing Recipe, and executive producer of an award-winning documentary about her life.

To say that her hands are full is an understatement as she lives her life as an example of what being a servant means.